Scenario: I created a workflow in SharePoint Designer that takes the name of a person that's in a single line item column (Column A) and copies it to another column (Column B) (in the same list) that is a people and group. When I add an item to Column A and the workflow starts the person's name no longer appears instead "No Title" and then there is nothing in Column B.

Can you help me figure out I am doing wrong? I do not want the information in Column A to disappear I want to copy it in Column B. Here is my workflow.

Update item Current Item 

Set this field: Column A 


To this value: Column B
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You need to set Column B to the value of Column A.

Ensure the user name in Column A is formatted as "domain\user".

In the following case, it sets managers (people and group field) to the value of UserName (single line of text field):

enter image description here

enter image description here

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