I have a very large and complex SharePoint 2016 site with hundreds of groups. I'm writing a powershell script to add a specific user to a group if the group's name matches some text.

For example, I need to add UserX to any group that has the word "English" in the name of the group.

I have the following code working to add to the user to an individual group, but not sure how to loop through and add them only when the partial text matches.

$site=get-spsite https://site
#get web object

#Enumarate site groups
$web.SiteGroups |select name
#get user object
#Get group object
$group=$web.SiteGroups["Year 10 ENGLISH Staff"]
#add user to group

Thanks for any help



Use the following commands:

$site=get-spsite http://sp/sites/team
#get web object

#Enumarate names of site groups which the group name has the specific word
$web.SiteGroups | select Name | where {$_.Name -like "*English*"}

#get user object
#get groups that has the specific word in the group name
$groups = $web.SiteGroups | where {$_.Name -like "*English*"}
#iterate group object
foreach ($group in $groups) {
    #add user to the group
  • Thanks for that. If I needed a more complex selection, like English and staff then would I use where {$_.Name -like "English" -and $_.Name -like "Staff"} in both places. Dec 4 '18 at 22:10
  • Have just tweaked that to include the more complex selection and it's working perfectly! Dec 4 '18 at 23:08

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