I have to programatically create new Sharepoint pages (~50). To do so, I've created a template page and I simply copy the information I want inside this template using a macro made in Visual Studio.

Then I copy all the files to the library with SharePoint Designer. The template was create with the Sharepoint Icon (new document) and copied to my hard drive.

However, I noticed that it has a HTML field "WebParID" which changes each time a create a page inside sharepoint.

When I generate all my pages from my macro, they obviously all have the same WebPartID since it is based from my static template..

So My question is

"What happens if all my pages have the same webpartID ?"

As a side question, I'll be eager to know how I could get a WebPartID using Visual Studio.

Thank you all!

  • try it and see what happens. – Derek Gusoff Dec 2 '18 at 21:29

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