How to upload duplicate files in SharePoint 2013 document library? I know this is a very different requirement but we want in a SharePoint library multiple documents for the same name, How we achieve this?

Please suggest us the best options.

Thanks in advance.

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In short, It's not logically an technically possible!

You can upload multiple files with the same name with a different file extension!

Except that,

  • A new version will be added to the current file (versioning enabled).
  • The current file will be overwritten with the new file (No versioning enabled).


  • Using folders.

    • Can't save multiple files with the same name and extension in the same folder
    • But you can save files with the same name and extension in the same document library in different folders).
  • Enable versioning.
  • Using different file extensions.
  • Automate unique identifier name for each document.

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