I face real challenge (at least for me) so I decide to ask for some help here. I'm building SPFx app where I'm using Pivot from UI-Fabric and I would like the current user to be able to navigate back and forward with browsers buttons and even be able to send url and then to navigate see specific item within the app (if is possible) via url for ex. (App Location: http://sharepoint/mySite/, url: http://sharepoint/mySite/DisplayItem/Item22 or http://sharepoint/mySite/Upload/Item22 or http://sharepoint/mySite/SharedWith/Item22)

My code look like this:

      <PivotItem headerText="Display Item">
        <DisplayItem props={...} />
      <PivotItem headerText="Upload">
        <Upload props={...} />
      <PivotItem headerText="Shared with">
        <SharedWith  props={...} />

Obviously it doesn't work if I wrap <PivotItem/> or <DisplayItem/> as well <Upload> and <SharedWith/> with <Link to={...}>. Any ideas?

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