We have SharePoint provider-hosted app which contain a collections of lists . Every thing was working well when we deploy it for the first time in the client site .Now we changed the type of a field in a list from text to lookup field and upgraded the app in the site. When we try to open the AllItems.aspx page of the altered list we found an erorr say Can not complete this action As shown :

enter image description here

this is how the list is created

enter image description here

the highlighted filed is the filed whose type is converted from text to lookup.

can anyone explain what is the reason of this error and how to solve it .

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Converting Text field into a lookup is not supported. So you don't have many options.

One suggestion would be to:

  • Keep your old field, keep it's type, but stop using it and make it hidden
  • Create a new field and start using it instead

Or (on your own risk)

  • Check which field is currently used on the App Web. If it is indeed still Text - you can delete it and run Upgrade one more time.
  • Thank you for your sugesstions . How can i know what is supported and what is not supported while upgrading my app ? is there any documentation about it ? Dec 1, 2018 at 19:17

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