We have a process which I think going forward needs to be a "flow" or maybe a "workflow".


A Sales team member submit a request for a design to the design team. Once accepted by design manager, it is allocated to a team member using tasks

Below is a slightly more detailed description of how it currently works, so hopefully the best way forward could be suggested.

Apologies if i'm unclear on terminology, i'm just a nerd not an IT professional....

  • An Outlook 2010 custom form based on a task (remember those?) with about 10-15 fields is launched and filled in.
  • When submitted the form is emailed to the manager of the design team.
  • Manager reviews form info, and if sufficient (no missing / vague info):
  • Accepts it, runs some VB script which
    • copies form data to a new row in a large Excel file for records
    • Allocates the task to a team member
    • Creates job folder on network
    • Saves attachments from submission as files in job folder
    • Creates HTML viewable version of the form review during design

So, now we're apparently in the age of Sharepoint / Infopath / Powerapps / Flow / Onedrive it would seem there are better and easier ways... but at this point it just looks like 1000 ways to start...

We'd like to have

  • a "task list" visible on sharepoint by all parties, but only editable by design team
  • continue with receivng outlook tasks representing each job
  • we've started using job folders in onedrive, so things will live there in future

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated :) I really just can't figure out where to start or even if i'm heading down the right path for this process...

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