I created a page under Site Contents --> Pages library in sharepoint online. This page contains Script Editor webpart. This page working as per requirement in its own site collection. When I try to copy / export / import this page in a different site collection, its not showing web part. Rest contents (e.g. text) of page is copying & showing in new site collection.

My question is : Why not web part (which is added in Page) is showing in new site collection ? How to resolve this problem ?

I followed link Copy a page across different site collections but its not working for web parts added in page.

In attached screenshot (script editor), I can see "My script editor" text in new site collection but not "Hello" which is part of "Script editor web part".

SiteContents aspx page script editor

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Use the OOTB feature to check if it works.

enter image description here


Move or copy files in SharePoint

How to copy pages in SharePoint Online

  • Thanks for your input. I tried the same step & took reference of other tutorials but still unable to see web part in destination.
    – Arvind
    Nov 27, 2018 at 12:30

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