I am trying to create events in the SharePoint 2013 calendar app.

  1. An ICS file is generated automatically with the following format (using self-written code):

    PRODID:-//Microsoft Corporation//Outlook 15.0 MIMEDIR//EN
    ATTENDEE;CN ="Some User":mailto: mycalendarlist@my.domain
    X-ALT-DESC;FMTTYPE=text/html:<html><head></head><body>Some body<br/>
    SUMMARY:Some subject
  2. User opens this file in Outlook 2016, chooses a meeting date and time and clicks Send Update
  3. The email is received by the WFE server (exists in the DROP folder) and is processed by the Incoming E-Mail Timer Job (disappears) and no meeting/event is created in the calendar

However, if the exact same steps are repeated AND the email address for the calendar list is removed and written manually by the user in Outlook, sending the invite does create an event in the list.

I think that there might be some important parameter(s) missing in my auto-generated ICS that are added to the meeting by Outlook automatically when the user makes a change in the To field.

Any ideas/suggestions on what parameters are missing so that I could make my auto-generated ICS file work?

Update 1: This is because SharePoint looks for the MIME type text/calendar and ignores the email otherwise. In the second scenario, upon making changes in the To field, Outlook sends it with the proper MIME/Content type text/calendar and the meetings are created. There is apparently no way to influence the MIME/Content type header through the ICS.

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