I mistakenly launched a script that allows the removal of SharePoint online sites and I deleted a very important site. Is there a way to retrieve it?

  • raise MS ticket from admin center. They will help you out. – Gautam Sheth Nov 23 '18 at 10:03
  • Thank you very much, if you can show me just how I can proceed to create the ticket, thank you in advance – Abdelmoughit Ouahdi Nov 23 '18 at 10:54

If it deleted permanently, Please open ticket from admin center


enter image description here

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Check Restore-SPODeletedSite, this thread for your reference.

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  • the problem is that the script I executed permanently delete the site, I did not even in the trash, so I can not run this Cmd – Abdelmoughit Ouahdi Nov 23 '18 at 9:47

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