I'm trying to create a new Sharepoint page but I am getting the following error:

Invalid field name. {50631c24-1371-4ecf-a5ae-ed41b03f4499} .../Pages TECHNICAL DETAILS

Troubleshoot issues with Microsoft SharePoint Foundation. Correlation ID: 8b1ea59e-2480-2029-28b8-63236dc7140d

Any ideas?

  • What name you are using to create page? Commented Nov 23, 2018 at 9:22

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The field “{50631c24-1371-4ecf-a5ae-ed41b03f4499}” in your error message is the “Hide physical URLs from search” column.

Go to Pages library settings->Content Types->click the relevant content type when you create the page. Re-add this “Hide physical URLs from search” column to the content type and check again.

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