I have this list enter image description here

And I have this form enter image description here

Which has to be autopopulated when the user input the Employee ID from the list. Thanks

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You can use following approaches to fulfill your requirements:

  1. To retrieve list data from SharePoint 2013 list, you can use SharePoint REST API.

  2. To autopopulate the data from list, you can use datalist in html5.


  1. First retrieve all list items from SharePoint List using REST API.
  2. Create arrays of options for each field on your form to autopopulate from data result you will get from REST.
  3. Append those arrays of options to each field on your form using datalist tag.


  1. Retrieve SharePoint List Items Using Rest API.

  2. HTML5 Datalist.

  3. Html datalist values from array in javascript.

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