I've been Googling for 4 hours and have tried every syntax I could find and nothing works. I get errors or no reaction at all when clicking "test link". I want to display my company's network folder in SPO. Here are some of the paths I have tried, some of them were attempts at adding a path to a document instead of a folder:

  • file://\byers.local\plea\FCB_Projects\FCE0100x%20-%20EA%20-%20VOF%20Sacramento
  • https://\byers.local\plea\FCB_Projects
  • file://byers.local/plea/FCB_Projects/FCE0100x%20-%20EA%20-%20VOF%20Sacramento

  • file:///byers.local/plea/FCB_Projects/FCE0100x%20-%20EA%20-%20VOF%20Sacramento

  • file://///byers.local/plea/FCB_Projects/FCE0100x%20-%20EA%20-%20VOF%20Sacramento

  • file://\byers.local\plea\FCB_Projects

  • f\byers.local\plea\FCB_Projects

  • //byers.local/plea/FCB_Projects/FCE0100x%20-%20EA%20-%20VOF%20Sacramento

  • File:///I:/ byers.local/plea/FCB_Projects/FCE0100x - EA - VOF Sacramento\Change Control Form.docx

  • file://byers.local/plea/FCB_Projects/FCE0100x%20-%20EA%20-%20VOF%20Sacramento

  • \byerseng.sharepoint.com@SSL\DavWWWRoot\sites\SacByersEA\Shared Documents\Anatomy of a segment name.docx

  • I:\FCE0100x - EA - VOF Sacramento\Change Control Form.docx

  • I:\FCE0100x - EA - VOF Sacramento

  • file://\byers.local\plea\FCB_Projects

  • \byers.local\plea\FCB_PR~1\FCE0100x - EA - VOF Sacramento

  • \byers.local\plea\FCB_PR~1\

  • file://byers.local/plea/FCB_Projects/FCE0100x%20-%20EA%20-%20VOF%20Sacramento

  • folder://byers.local\plea\FCB_Projects

  • \byers.local\plea\FCB_PR~1\

  • file://byers.local/plea/FCB_Projects/180518%20SACLT-278697A.UG.PDF

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The folder path like below and select "Folder" in page viewer web part settings.


enter image description here

  • I wish that did work but sadly, no
    – Swedeberry
    Nov 21, 2018 at 18:29

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