I have a calculated field in my custom list. I want to disable or hide delete button on this field edit page. I want specific users not able delete this column in a list but still be able to edit/ delete other columns in the same list. Please see below screenshot for field:

filed disable

I have tried below things:

  • Checked adding column as site column and added in content type. Then associate content type in list. But it is not restricting delete.
  • Checked SharePoint Online Powershell. But not able to set sealed property for this column.
  • I can't apply permission break as I want users to be able to manage other columns in list

Is there any other way that we can do this? Is PNP-Powershell has any cmdlets that can help me achieve this?

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One option (strongly unsupported by Microsoft) is to add custom Javascript (JS) in masterpage file, targeting this specific button for this specific field:

1) create JS file and store in SP --> code alters target button by hiding it or deleting (or how is more convenient for You)

2) create custom masterpage based on original (never-ever-ever edit the original masterpage)

3) insert link to previously created JS file

4) enjoy.

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