Do we have any online site where we can create SharePoint Demo portal with master page and page layouts? I need to try a few things for a testing purpose.

  • When you have your test tenant, you can use lookbook.microsoft.com for inspiration as well as add the designs / layouts to your own tenant Commented Dec 22, 2019 at 11:31

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I have a test SharePoint site set up, you will be able to create this via https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/office/developer-program/office-365-developer-program-get-started

You have a 12 month subscription with this program.

Hope this helps.




You could apply a free developer SharePoint Online subscription for One Year, please visit here for register:

Join the Office 365 developer program today!

I think this will meet your test purpose.


You can subscribe 30 days trail version of SharePoint online by using This link


It depends ;-)

https://demos.microsoft.com/ is available for Partners and each MSDN subscription comes with a free tenant for dev and test


For the - "Join the Office 365 developer program today!" option

You need a Visual Studio subscription to qualify for the instant sandbox. "Any Visual Studio subscriber with a standard Professional or standard or monthly Enterprise subscription qualifies"

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