I am trying to add body to an email that i sending through JavaScript. I have a SharePoint list view when clicked on sends an email to EmailID.

This works fine,

var mail="mailto:"+emailID+"?Subject=Test:"+ctx.CurrentItem.ID

I am trying to add body of the email. I have tried

var mail="mailto:"+emailID+"?Subject=Test:"+ctx.CurrentItem.ID&body=Test


var mail="mailto:"+emailID+"?Subject=Test:"+ctx.CurrentItem.ID;body=Test. 

Nothing worked.

Can anyone please suggest.

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Looks like an issue with double quotes.

Try it as below:

var mail= "mailto:" + emailID + "?Subject=Test: " + ctx.CurrentItem.ID + "&body=Some body text";

If you want a dynamic body text, try it as below:

var bodyText= "some body text";
var mail= "mailto:" + emailID + "?Subject=Test: " + ctx.CurrentItem.ID + "&body=" + bodyText;

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