I need to give anonymous access on a specific site collection.

I followed this : http://www.topsharepoint.com/enable-anonymous-access-in-sharepoint-2010 or this : https://www.dynamics101.com/sharepoint-2010-enable-anonymous-access/

It works on all others site collections but on this one I can't go on _layouts/viewlsts.aspx or on all list or libraries views. However i can download pdf files and images if I have the link... I don't find out the problem with this site collection. Can you help me please ?

I tried to break inheritance, doesn't work. There is no versionning or checked out items.

And I don't find the site collection feature "Limited-access user permission lockdown mode" mentionned here : Anonymous document library prompts for credentials don't find out why maybe this is the problem...

I tried : List set for anonymous but public cannot view but the feature ViewFormPagesLockDown is disabled.



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