I'm working on Sharepoint as Front-end Developer for now 4 years but now I feel I didn't have basic knowledge about this technology. Below are some questions in my mind and your input is really appreciated:

  1. What is Sharepoint?

  2. Why we use Sharepoint?

  3. In which language we can code in Sharepoint?

  4. What is the role of Front-End Developer in Sharepoint?

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There is no single answer to your question. The simple answer is in its name "Share" + "Point".

A place where people can Share information. Where people are looking for and generating information.

There are variuos threads asked about the same question, maybe it will help you:

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For Front end development you can use variuos languages for coding like:

  1. C#

  2. Javascript(jQuery, Angular, react, etc.) : REST services, SPServices, JSOM, etc.

  3. HTML5 and CSS3 for custom solutions and dashboards.

Source: Skills Every SharePoint Developer Needs.


Since you have already worked for 4 years as a front end developer for SharePoint , let me answer to you in a way it feels relevant.

1.Which technologies can be used to code in SharePoint ?

So as a front end developer you can use technologies like HTML, CSS, and JS, as well as common web toolkits/frameworks and technologies (text editors/IDEs, jQuery, AJAX, web servers; you get the drift).

2.What exactly SharePoint is and why is it used?

Sharepoint is a web application platform developed by Microsoft. Though you’ll find a wide array of explanations as to what Sharepoint is. It’s most often used as an intranet site for businesses of all shapes and sizes, offering a range of features:

  1. Document management and collaboration

  2. Company- or group-wide wiki pages

  3. Large content libraries

  4. Sub-sites and communities within an organization

  5. Extensive built-in search functionality

  6. Individual personal profile pages and social networking capabilities.

3.What is SharePoint based on ?

Sharepoint runs on the Microsoft stack and this stack contains following components namely:

  1. Microsoft Windows Server 2008 (64-bit)

  2. ASP.NET (3.5, to be exact)

  3. IIS (7.0 or greater)

  4. Microsoft SQL Server 2008

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