I have customized a from in InfoPath and now i've lost the upload file ability in the rich text box.

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I've added an attachment section to my form which will allow me to upload a file but i then run into the issue that when i run start task workflow the file is not transferred to the task.

If there is no solution to the missing upload file button on the ribbon, is there a way to add the attachment to the task workflow?

Thanks in advance


The rich text control in InfoPath form does not have the Upload File feature.

To work it around, you can insert a link instead. Click on INSERT tab from the Ribbon and then click on the Link button. It will give two options: From the SharePoint and From an Address. Browser your files.

Another workaround, use Attachments control as you mentioned. To retrieve all of the files that are attached to a list item in the workflow, we need to call REST API:

/_api/web/lists/getbytitle('list title')/items(current item id)/AttachmentFiles/

Working with files attached to list items by using REST:


How to call REST API to get attachments in the SharePoint Designer workflow:


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