Trying to use a people picker in a sharepoint online MVC add in but when I try to import the javascript files needed I get "not found" error in the Error List.

This is how I try to import the files

<script src="/_layouts/15/sp.runtime.js"></script>

I've read that the files should exist in "/program files/...../15/" but I don't have any js files in here.

I'm I missing a Nuget package or something? I'm clueless bout what to do.

Also I'm adding jquery script in the bundles file but when I run my app and look in the console.log it says "SCRIPT5009: SCRIPT5009: '$' is not defined" . Complaining about

$(document).ready(function () { initializePeoplePicker('pplPickerSingle', false, 'People Only', 44) });

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For Provider Hosted MVC add-in, please PnP Core.PeoplePicker Library, here is a complete code demo for your reference:

People Picker MVC Sample

ClientPeoplePicker usually used in SharePoint Hosted add-in, for Provider hosted app, use the PnP Core.PeoplePicker as suggested.

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