I need to create notifications for every user who didn't read a specific new on the site. To do this i need to see who user is logged in the site and then save this info into a list on Sharepoint. The problem is that i don't know where can i get this info on Sharepoint Online. I whould like to do this using javascript.

Someone can help me whith this. Thanks

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Best and simple way to get current logged in user name is _spPageContextInfo.


_spPageContextInfo is a global variable usually available on any SharePoint page. This variable stores basic information about current web and current user.

Below are the Some examples:

  1. To Get User Display Name:

    var currentUserName = _spPageContextInfo.userDisplayName;
  2. To Get User Login Name:

    var currentUserLoginName = _spPageContextInfo.userLoginName;
  3. To Get User Id:

    var userID = _spPageContextInfo.userId
  4. To Get User Email:

    var userEmail = _spPageContextInfo.userEmail

You can also use Rest API getting current user data:

 var url = _spPageContextInfo.webAbsoluteUrl + "/_api/web/currentuser";  
        url: url,  
        headers: {  
            Accept: "application/json;odata=verbose"  
        async: false,  
        success: function (data) {  
            var items = data.d; // Data will have user object      
        eror: function (data) {  
            alert("An error occurred. Please try again.");  

This is the response data checked in Browser Console: enter image description here

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