I have a client that uses SharePoint 2013 on premises. They have some workflow work coming up to automate. I wanted to see if there is a way to use Microsoft flow with SharePoint 2013, is this possible to setup maybe by using some sort of a gateway? If someone has done this, please share the info.


You need to configure the onprem gateway and you should have the global admin account to create flow and configure gateway.

  • Access to download and install the On-Premises data gateway on a server.
  • Access to a SharePoint 2013 or 2016 environment.
  • Already have a subscription set up with PowerApps and Flow.

SharePoint Gateway: PowerApps and Flow


You can use the Data Management Gateway to connect Flow/PowerApps/PowerBI to on-prem resources.

Flow and PowerApps won't be able to access all data types in SharePoint pre-2019 on-prem, however. Test your specific scenario to see if it works.


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