I have a SharePoint online team site. I am owner of the site and office 365 too. When I tried to create a 2010 Workflow using SPD, it gets created. But I am unable to create a 2013 Workflow. I am getting the following screen while creating 2013 workflow:

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I searched over internet for solutions to solve this problem and I have tried everything mentioned in this post to no effect.

Can someone please give me a solution to this problem?

Note: Please don't mark the post as duplicate because the other post (link mentioned above) did not solve the problem. Thanks in advance!


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You can try to install the January 12, 2016, update for SharePoint Designer 2013 (KB3114337). it fixes that issue:

When you try to create a SharePoint 2013 workflow in SharePoint Designer 2013 on a computer that has Microsoft.Activities.dll installed, you receive the following error message: Server-side activities have been updated. You need to restart SharePoint Designer to use the updated version of activities.

Before installing this package, you must first install the prerequisite Microsoft SharePoint Designer 2013 Service Pack 1.

  • I have tried that already to no effect! Nov 7, 2018 at 9:30

Try these steps

Navigate to Site settings. Select 'Workflow settings'. Select '(Workflow Health)'. (This is actually a link) On the Workflow Health page, click on the 'Activate' next to the Workflow Service Store feature.

Restart sharepoint designer

You should now be able to see sharepoint 2013 workflows


The actual problem was VS2017. I uninstalled it and then the workflow worked. But I need both VS2017 as well as SPD13. So, after trying everything mentioned in older posts to no effect, I uninstalled VS2017 and SharePoint Designer 2013 (64-bit) completely.

Then I first installed Designer and its January Update and then I installed VS2017 which solved the issue.

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