I need to exclude the disabled users in AD but I can't edit connection filter in user profile service in SP 2016

How can add exclution filter in SharePoint 2016 with SharePoint AD import option

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You can't edit the connection filters with SharePoint Active Directory import, it's only available with External Identity Manager.

As @4rchit3ct♦ said, you should use the Filter in LDAP syntax for Active Directory Import instead of editing the connection filters. in case, you enabled SharePoint Active Directory import.

But in your case, you can only check Filter out disabled users to exclude the disabled users!


  • Central Admin > manage Service Application.
  • Manage USer Profile > Configure Synchronization Connections
  • Edit your connection, just check Filter out disabled users

enter image description here

In case, you need to use Use LDAP Filter

  • Add the below LDAP filter syntax to exclude the disabled users


Use LDAP filter.

The AD import option does not provide object filtering based on object property values (you must use simple LDAP filters).

Reference: Configure profile synchronization by using SharePoint Active Directory Import in SharePoint Server

See: SharePoint 2016 LDAP Filter

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