Is it possible to use shared list columns with default values and set different default values per content type?

I have two content types, one is the List default item content type. The Test Area content type was created at the site level and added to the List, it was added to my list with only the Title field, I then added List columns to this content type.

I want to use shared list columns with different default values for each content type.

Content types

In List Settings>Content Types>Test Area content type - when I am editing the content type, if I modify a field and set a default value I find that the same default value then is also set in the Item content type. This is not the behaviour I expected or desire. I expected I could set a default column value per content type.

List column default value

For example in the Test Area content type I set the AREA column to have a default value of Test Area. But when I create Item content type it also uses the same default value - not what I wanted.

Here are the two forms, side-by-side showing the default value circled in red:

New forms, side-by-side


Similar post here - although I want to configure default values for list columns, not site columns.

Update - test success

Default Values success

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It is not possible with list columns I believe, you need to use site columns, Assign it to CT and then at library level in each CT you can modify the default values.

  • Thanks Marek! That worked perfectly. I created a new Site Column > Added to my Content Type > changed the default value to 20%. To test it, I also created a new Site Content Type > added the new Site Column to the new Content Type > set default value to 10%.
    – Tally
    Nov 8, 2018 at 12:27

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