I would like to pass a refiner value from one page to the search page using query string. The refiner's name is: services.

How do I construct the query string?

I found this, but it does not make any sense to me: Interpret Search with refiners url query string


This is the anatomy of the json url that is searching via keyword and refiner:

http://your-site/Search/Pages/Results.aspx#Default={"k":"custom refiner","r":[{"n":"FileType","t":["equals(\"docx\")","equals(\"doc\")","equals(\"docm\")","equals(\"dot\")","equals(\"nws\")","equals(\"dotx\")"],"o":"or","k":false,"m":null},{"n":"DisplayAuthor","t":["\"ǂǂ456c696f20537472757966\""],"o":"and","k":false,"m":null}]}


k: keyword; r: refinement filter; n: refiner name; t: refiner tokens; o: operator (and, or); k: use KQL (Boolean); m: this is the token to display value map. It's used when a custom refinement value (textbox) is used. This stores the value that you inserted, to visualize it in the refiner. Example: "m":{"equals(\"Item Value Text Box\")":"Item Value Text Box"}

The url in the browser will be url encoded. You must use a tool like:


To decode your URL

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