I want to use drop down control on SharePoint framework webpart(done) and on change event to call some method/ some rest api and so.but it is not allowing.

I did not find any article where spfx web part is shown with drop down. whereever I found drop down, it was in web part edit mode.I am sure end user will laugh if I go and say hay edit web part, and choose drop down to change the data.

some body have achieved ?

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Hope my test demo here which use AsyncDropdown of gitHub would helpful for you.

Here is the thread for your reference.



Here is code that should work for you:

public render(): void {
    this.domElement.innerHTML = `
        <select id="activeDdl">
          <option value="Data1">Data1</option>
          <option value="Data1">Data2</option>
          <option value="Data1">Data3</option>

    $(document).on('change', '#activeDdl', function (e) {
      //get dropdown selected value
      var selectedVal = $("#activeDdl").find("option:selected").val();


Chandani Prajapati

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