First off I'm kind of new to SP Admin work. I'm trying to get 2013 w/f in Designer (this is a 2016 Farm w/eval Enterprise license). successfully installed Web Platform Installer, Workflow Manager 1.0 and Cumulative Update 3. when I try to run the "Register" command from PS (as Admin) I don't have an option for "-SPWorkflowService" It seems I have no options for SPWorkflow no matter the command i.e. "Get", "New"

I noticed there is a "Workflow Service Application" but no Proxy under it, seems there should be?enter image description here

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As the reported PowerShell error "The term is not recognized", you are using Windows Powershell, not SharePoint management shell.

In Windows Powershell, before running the SharePoint cmdlet, you should add SharePoint Snapin as the following

Add-PSSnapin Microsoft.SharePoint.PowerShell

Also, make sure that you have installed the Workflow Manager Client on each SharePoint Cross the farm.

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