Classic pages with modern spfx now fails if you load require.js with LoadSodByKey since last week. Any idea how to fix or how to report this to Microsoft?

LoadSodByKey("require.js", function () {
  // stuff

With modern SPFX webpart (Version: 1.4.1 -> "@microsoft/sp-webpart-base": "~1.4.1") requirejs fails to load and is undefined. HTTP request with require.js did work but require is still undefined... Loadingproblems but it works like 1/20 times.

Thanks for any kind of help.


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I build a workaround with cleanRequireJS();.

First you have to check if all your modern SPFX webparts are loaded (i check there divs), wait for that situation with setTimeout/loop and AFTER that i make cleanRequireJS(); and load SP "require.js" and all other stuff we use this for.

Best regards!

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