We are using SharePoint 2013 application (FBA Authentication Enabled).Now we want to migrate this application to SharePoint 2016. Here what my concern is:

  • Is anything need to be done with FBA Database?
  • When should I configure FBA. After Site migration or before?

Thanks in Advance

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You can reuse the SharePoint 2013 FBA database in SharePoint 2016 or you can create /setup FBA in SharePoint 2016 from scratch.

I would prefer to setup the FBA 1st then migrates the Site collections.

  • Setup FBA in SharePoint 2016 using existing DB or brand new.
    • if using the 2013 FBA database, backup the DB and restore in 2016 environment, complete the SharePoint 2016 configuration (web.config changes, permission, STS configuration etc). here is good article for Sharepoint 2016 FBA
  • Now Test the web application with FBA
  • Migrate the sites from 2013 to 2016 and test it

another good article for troubleshooting


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