I have created a office 365 group and for some reason I have deleted it.

After 10 days when I tried to create new office group with same name, I am not able to create new office group with the same url as previously deleted group. However group alias are available but unfortunately site url is not so good.

For example:

If I try to create a office group with HR then site url is coming as https://<domain>.sharepoint.com/HR20 or https://<domain>.sharepoint.com/HR2 or https://<domain>.sharepoint.com/HR48, etc.

Is there any possibility to create HR office group by having url as https://<domain>.sharepoint.com/HR?

  • did you check using Powershell whether https://.sharepoint.com/HR still exists in the list of sites available in tenant – vinit kumar Oct 30 '18 at 11:33
  • can you try Clear-PnPTenantRecycleBinItem -Url https://<domain>.sharepoint.com/HR and then try creating your site collection again ? Will require SP Admin privileges – Gautam Sheth Oct 30 '18 at 13:32

Please check that deleted site is still available in the recycle bin by using below powershell command

Connect-SPOService -URL https://tenant-admin.sharepoint.com

if the deleted sites listed there ,then Remove-SPODeltedSite -Identity https://

once it successfully deleted from there then create your Site with old URL

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