I am looking into a way to search for a specific URL within SharePoint. I have seen the solution that searches with PowerShell script for searching lists for specific links? and http://blog.henryong.com/2011/05/20/sharepoint-link-reporter-using-powershell/ but I need something a bit in between.

The last solution would be great, if I could just filter its results into to display just the urls that contain a specific URL (for examples, lets just call it sample.test.com). Is it possible to modify the line $customLinkObjects | Select-Object WebTitle,WebURL,TopNavLink,TopLinkTitle,TopLinkURL,QLHeaderTitle,QLHeaderLink,QLChildLinkTitle,QLChildLink,ListName,ItemTitle,ItemURL,PageContentLink | Export-Csv $filePath to filter out the results unless the result is equal to sample.test.com ?

Or if there is a more elegant solution, please let me know. I am grateful for any help.

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Yes its possible you just need to come up with the script. Se the following samples:



http://blogs.flexnetconsult.co.uk/colinbyrne/2008/02/26/PowerShellSharePointThreeWaysToDeleteAListItemIDCAMLStringMatching.aspx Cheers

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