I'm trying to see if there's another way to display an upcoming event web part to various sub sites based on the event category.

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The source list is located in a site collection. I have several subsites with subsites (i.e. SiteCollection > Committees > Social Committee). Each subsite has a separate list for 'Events'

If the category selected for the event is Social Committee, the workflow should also create a list item in the 'Events' list located in the Social Committee subsite.

I've used Query Web Part but I couldn't figure out a way to display the items similar to what I have above (see image). I'm hoping there's a way to accomplish this using REST API? I found this post but the link for REST API is broken.

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I found a much better and easier solution using Data View web part from this page.

  1. Open parent site in SPD 2013
  2. Go to FILE > ADD ITEM > create a NEW PAGE FROM MASTER > Click YES to open in Advance Mode.
  3. Once in edit mode, go to INSERT > DATA VIEW > select the list (i.e. Events)
  5. Click YES to always show List data from current web site.
  6. Save the page.
  7. From the subsite page, insert a web part > select MISCELLANEOUS category > add the web part created in step 1-4.
  8. Edit the web part accordingly (i.e. edit to only display events appropriate for the subsite).

Now, i just need to figure out how to insert this custom web part in custom page layout, if at all possible.

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