This problem is very frustrating... I am developing a SharePoint hosted add-in. In this project a I have added a Web Part and code to the MyWebPart.aspx file.

When I publish a new version of the add-in (I am in round 34 at the moment) and add it to my test site, sometimes I can customize the home page and add the WebPart to it, sometimes it's not present!

I have not be able to understand the culprit.

In turns I have blamed:

  • Some setting in AppManifest.xml
  • Some unclosed tag in the html code in MyWebPart.aspx
  • Errors in javascript code in App.js

I have not found the crux of the problem, I am suspecting something related to SharePoint online, maybe related to some conflict during Removing/reinstalling the new Add-in version...

Can you give me any clue on where or how to investigare further?
Maybe some sort of log...

UPDATE After some more investigation I have a strong suspect that the problem is random and is linked to the App installation phase!

In two (classic) sites I have installed the same app, and in first one the Web Part doesn't appear while on the second one it appears.

So, as new evidence, in the first web site I have disinstalled the App, then reinstalled it... and voilà it has appeared!

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