What is the current state of eventAggregator in SharePoint Framework? It can be used to share data between web parts as described in this blog post and demoed on GitHub.

Above info is rather old (mid-2017). Currently the eventAggregator works in SPFx solutions, the property is injected into the web part context and does its job.

Now this post suggests that eventAggregator is going to be replaced (without giving a source for this information).

My questions are:

  • Is eventAggregator currently supported for production use?
  • Assuming it's being used in production: when is it going to be deprecated and/or disappear?
  • Assuming it's going to go away: will it also happen in waves, e.g. first on targeted release tenants, then on standard? Or in all modes at once?

(Side note: we recently had a hiccup where the eventAggregator property was undefined for some days. But it re-appeared without us doing anything.)

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