I am using react to get the term by id, but the problems is that I am not able to get any child term under the term.For example:




IT is term not termSet.

taxonomy.getDefaultSiteCollectionTermStore() .getTermById(this.props.top) .get().then( Alltop=>{ console.log(Alltop) this.setState({terms:Alltop}) } );

for termSet I am able to get all terms using taxonomy.getDefaultSiteCollectionTermStore() .getTermSetById(this.props.terSetId).terms .get()

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Use PNP SP taxonomy in your SPFX code as below,it easy to use and supported with SPFx

import {
} from "@pnp/sp-taxonomy";

const store: ITermStore = await taxonomy.termStores.getByName("Taxonomy_v5o/SbcTE2cegwO2dtAN9l==");

// get a single term by id
const term: ITerm = store.getTermById("0ba6845c-1468-4ec5-a5a8-718f1fb05431");

// get single get merged with data
const term2: ITerm = store.getTermById("0ba6845c-1468-4ec5-a5a8-718f1fb05431").get();

// use select to choose which fields to return
const term3: ITerm = store.getTermById("0ba6845c-1468-4ec5-a5a8-718f1fb05431").select("Name").get();

// get a term from a term set
const term4: ITerm = store.getTermSetById("0ba6845c-1468-4ec5-a5a8-718f1fb05431").getTermById("0ba6845c-1468-4ec5-a5a8-718f1fb05431");

Ref - https://pnp.github.io/pnpjs/sp-taxonomy/docs/terms/

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