SP 2013

I have two lists TestList and Test2. I have successfully set a workflow up that copies a couple of fields of data from TestList to Test2 when a new record is created.

I now want to allow the user to be able to edit the record in Test 1 and the change to be reflected in the same record in test2. I have tried to set up another workflow.

IF CurrentItem:Name is not empty Update Item in Test2

Also set up the following

enter image description here

In the Start Options - I have the following ticked only

Start Workflow Automatically when an item is changed

I get an error when running.

Probably gone completely wrong with this - any help appreciated.

  • Please post the error you are getting while workflow is running. – Ganesh Sanap Oct 12 '18 at 16:57

As mentioned, You are following same approach which I tested and its working for me.

  1. Enable workflow on created and modified.
  2. Update listItem of Test2 list using Update List Item action.

can you log error and on which line error is occurring and post here as screenshot?

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