I have 3 potential columns that are due dates in a Sharepoint online/365 List. -Bid Due Date -Customer Specified Due Date -Proposal Due Date

They are written in order of importance above and only one of them will be filled and the others are "blank." I put together an if/then statement that should pull only the column that has a date in it (if for some reason there are multiple columns with dates, it still should only pull the most important one with a date in it).

I have tried everything and can not get the dates to calculate properly. It may calculate properly for one but I get "null" results for everything else. I've searched around and found that the "blank" columns are actually not blank but have a hidden default value. I've tested with an if blank statement and confirm they are not coming up as blank, but I still can't get ANY FORMULA to work and calculate any value.

PLEASE HELP. Just looking to pull whatever the most important column is with a date in it, into a new calculated column.

  • Bro, what do you need exactly yo calculate in the calculation field?! Oct 11, 2018 at 22:27

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Use the following formula to get the non-blank value form these columns

IF([Bid Due Date]="",IF([Customer Specified Due Date]="",IF([Proposal Due Date]="","",[Proposal Due Date]),[Customer Specified Due Date]) ,[Bid Due Date])

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