microsoft.workflow.deployment.config wizard has stopped working

When I am trying to uninstall the Workflow manager it's showing this error and I could not do anything

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I think you have tried to uninstall the Workflow Manager software from the control panel directly before unconfiguring the Workflow Manager farm!

To uninstall the Workflow Manager properly, you should first, unconfigure it as the following:

  • Leave the farm from all servers by running the Workflow Manager Configuration Wizard. then click Leave Farm.

  • Delete all the Workflow Manager and Service Bus databases like

    • WFInstanceManagementDB
    • WFManagementDB
    • WFResourceManagementDB
    • SbGatewayDatabase
    • SbManagementDB
    • SBMessageContainer01
  • Delete the following registry keys.

    • HKLM\Software\Microsoft\Workflow Manager\1.0 HostConfigurationState

    • HKLM\Software\Microsoft\Service Bus\1.0 HostConfigurationState

Note: Apply this step on all Workflow Manager farm Servers

You are ready now to uninstall the Workflow Manager software from the control panel

  • Workflow Manager
  • Workflow Manager Client
  • Windows Fabric
  • Service Bus

Note: If you intend to install the Workflow manager again in the same farm, make sure that you have deleted the below folders list

  • C:\Program Files\Service Bus
  • C:\Program Files\Workflow Manager
  • C:\Program Files\Windows Fabric

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