I've created 2 scripts, one to export SharePoint Online permissions to a .CSV and one to re-provision SharePoint Online access.

I've come across a slight problem which is preventing the script from running successfully, the script to export SharePoint permissions lists the groups within one cell. When the re-provision script reads the input file (.csv) it errors because the script can't seem to read multiple values within the same cell.

Here's an example input:

https://TEST.sharepoint.com [email protected] Test Group 1 Test Group 2 Test Group 3

I've also tried separating the groups via special characters but this doesn't work either:

Test Group 1, Test Group 2, Test Group 3

This is my re-provision script so far:

Write-Host "---Start of Script $(Get-Date)"
Connect-SPOService -URL https://******-admin.sharepoint.com -credential *****@*****
$SPOUserImport = Import-csv "PATH"
foreach($ImportData in $SPOUserImport)
$field1 = $ImportData.Group
$field2 = $ImportData.Site
$field3 = $ImportData.User

Add-SPOUser -Group $field1 -Site $field2 -LoginName $field3 |Out-Null 
Write-Host "Added $field3 from .CSV to $field1, $field2" -ForegroundColor Green

Write-Host "---End of Script $(Get-Date)"

Any help appreciated!


  • $SPOUserImport = Import-csv "C:\Import.csv" foreach($ImportData in $SPOUserImport) { $importGroups = $importData.group.split(",") $field2 = $ImportData.Site $field3 = $ImportData.User Add-SPOUser -Group $importGroups[0] -Site $field2 -LoginName $field3 |Out-Null foreach($group in $importGroups[1..$($importGroups.count-1)]) { Write-Host "Added $field3 from .CSV to $group, $field2" -ForegroundColor Green Add-SPOUser -Group $group -Site $field2 -LoginName $field3 |Out-Null } }
    – C.Moore
    Oct 15, 2018 at 8:25

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The problem you are going to have is the way import-csv is handling your group column.

I'm assuming from your post where you say "lists the groups within one cell"your input file will look something like

https://test.sharepoint.com,[email protected],Group1 Group2 Group3

The issue is that when you import that as a CSV your $importData array won't recognise the multiple group names as it's a single field.

You can test this by typing $ImportData.group at the prompt and observing the output, which will look something like :

Group1 Group2 Group3

What you will need to do is to turn that into it's own array

$importGroups = $importData.group.split(" ")

If you look at the content of the $importGroups array now you should have an element for each group.


You need to use this variable to iterate through the available groups and add each individually to the new user, so something like :

Add-SPOUser -Group $importGroups[0] -Site $field2 -LoginName $field3 |Out-Null 
foreach($group in $importGroups[1..$($importGroups.count-1)])
     Add-SPOUser -Group $group -Site $field2 -LoginName $field3

Please note this is untested but the theory should be sound.

  • That's great thank you Patrick! A quick amendment to the array format perfected my script.
    – C.Moore
    Oct 10, 2018 at 14:52
  • Glad it worked! Can I ask that you paste your fully functioning script into your original post so future readers know exactly what worked for you?
    – Patrick
    Oct 11, 2018 at 14:17

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