I would like to verify it is default product behavior of SharePoint 2010. Sorry that it is a product few years ago I could not find any source about it. Hope some experience experts can advice.

We are using SP2010 designer workflow. When user receive an approval task link in email, he click on the link and open the task form. On the form there is a hyperlink "click here to review the details". It is a simple hyperlink opening the related Infopath form. It works.

After user press "Approve" button, the task is completed. When the user open the task form again the "Approve" and "Reject" button disappear, which is expected. However, the hyperlink "click here to review the details" become malfunction for "LEFT CLICK". When left click on it nothing happen. Feels like some JavaScript disable the original behavior to open target URL. However, if user right click on it -> open as a new tab. It works.

I have tested in our test, dev, production environment, using IE, Chrome, Firefox all have same result. Therefore I believe it is design by purpose.

Do you know whether it is default behavior? Could you share me the reference if so? Thank you.

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