How to create custom Auto increment column item id in SharePoint? What I want, When a user creates a new item in a list then this combination code auto-generate. Anyone please give some link or guide me how to achieve this.

for example combination. Purchase order =PO Department =Dept like IT, HR, Admin. 2018-2019= 1819 serial No start = 000001 We want a combination of PO+Dept+ 1819-0000001 Like below example. When HR team create form then generate below format. POHR1819000001 When IT team create the form then below format generate. POIT1819000001


You can create the required combination ID using SharePoint designer workflow and set that value to a custom column.

  • Thank Aditya for your suggestion, can you plz Share a link if any. – Mohammad Tahir Oct 8 '18 at 12:20

Download SharePoint designer 2013.

Connect to your site by SharePoint designer, then you could create workflow for your list and update list item field value(screenshots of SharePoint 2013 workflow).

enter image description here enter image description here

You could refer below official guideline.


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