I have a list with several columns, one of these columns is called "country". I also have promoted links with pictures of several countries.

Now what I want, is that when someone clicks on say, Belgium's picture on promoted links they get the results from the list which have "Belgium" chosen for the column "country".

Is this even possible to do? If not, is there some workaround?


I think the simple solution in your situation is

  • Passing the Country name in your URL as a Query String in the Promoted List.
  • Using the Query String Filter web part to filter the current view with the country name.

    enter image description here

Note: the URL should redirect to the list view with the Query string like this


Check also Filter a List via URL Parameter in SharePoint

  • thanks for your reply. But sadly I do not have "Filters" in my categories.. – nx12356 Oct 8 '18 at 14:00

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