I had been practicing PowerApps on my personal SharePoint Online account. At work, I have local databases to connect to via ERPs, etc via SQL. What can I use at home on my system to practice on since I don't have any other apps with SQL on it like the ERP at work to tap into. Sure I can use Excel or SharePoint but I'd like to practice on a more "work" related "tangible" ERP or something. Is there a free practice external database or have you any other ideas? Thanks.

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I am pretty sure it's not permitted from your company to take a backup from The ERP database with data and restore it in your local instance to practice Power Apps with the same ERP database in your home.

So I suggest to just take a backup from the database structure (without data) (if it allowed) then deploy it easily in your local instance as the following:

  • Open Management Studio, > Tasks > Generate Scripts.
  • Select the entire database Objects or specific one as it allowed and you prefer a.
  • Continue the wizard to save a .sql script file.
  • Now, you can run this script file in your side.

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