In our SharePoint 2013 search application, we have a content source that consists of a single address:


This content source is used as the scope for our company directory, which is basically just a formatted search results page. I am attempting to optimize the process so that updates are shown fairly quickly. The AD sync (Active Directory Import) does an incremental every hour, and the content source is scheduled to do an incremental crawl every 2 hours. In theory, this should reflect any updates to AD within 3 hours or less.

What we're seeing, however, is that the incremental crawl on the content source takes hours to complete. Our normal crawl takes hours (sometimes days) to finish, but it's crawling millions of documents and all site collections. If the SPS3 crawl is only indexing people (profiles?), I would think it would take far less time.

Is there a "best practice" for optimizing or speeding up a SPS3 (people) crawl?

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