I have a custom page in subsite(SP online site) with Search box and Search result webparts. when i try to search items, it is showing Site collection level items but i need only particular subsite items to display in result webpart.

I have tried using this property; Path:{Site.URL}

By using this without enter anything in search box some results are displaying.

Please help me how can we get search results only when we search any text in search box.


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For me it worked in this syntax:

{SearchBoxQuery} Path:{SiteCollection.URL}

On that subsite go to Site Settings.

Under Search click Result Sources.

Add new Result Source (copy Local SharePoint Results).

Set name and under Query Transform open query builder.

Add Path:{Site.URL} in Query text after {searchTerms}.

Save that new Result Source and Set as default.


Had the exact same issue a few days ago.

Try Page -> Edit Page -> at your Search Results Webpart click -> Edit Web Part.

In the upshowing WebPartProperties go to "Change Query".

In your query text field enter: { ?{searchboxquery} Path:{Site.URL}}.

Worked well in my case. Maybe you wil have to change the Path to Page.URL.

Have a try.

Hope this works for you.

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