I have a task to install SP 2016 farm 2 DB server, 2 wfe and app server! The 2 database in one Data center,

Which installation type should I use for database server, always on or fail over cluster, why?


AlwaysOn Availability Groups do not require the use of shared storage (which is typically expensive, and can provide a single point of failure) and failover from the primary to the secondary replica can be almost instant.

We have an active/active configuration using multiple AlwaysOn Availability Groups which allows us to spread the load across multiple servers. You can also configure read-only access for a secondary replica, so things like reports and backups can be running on the non-active node for an Availability Group, thus not affecting your primary replica which is used for standard read/write access.

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As per experience & various recommendations, i will go with AlwaysOn. Main advantage i am seeing here apart from others is, you can control the AO within sharepoint using the powershell as they are available.

You can see the commands here: SharePoint Database Availability Group Cmdlets Read the following articles: https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/sharepoint/administration/configure-an-alwayson-availability-group

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