I have a ContentBySearchWebPart where it will get all the sites that user has access within the site collection. At the same time, I need to show how many pending requests for each of these sites which are pending action from this user as well (just immediately right behind the site name).

I am able to get all the sites that user has access by using the contentBySearchWebPart but I am not able to get the number of pending requests for that site.

  1. I am not sure can I achieve this using ContentBySearchWebPart as well? if yes, can someone please give me some guideline on how to do this.
  2. If it is not achievable in ContentBySearchWebPart, then I am planning to create another web part (maybe a ScriptEditorWebPart) and place it after the ContentBySearchWebPart just to show the pending request. But now the problem is, I need to iterate through all the sites return in ContentBySearchWebPart and pass the site URL to the ScriptEditorWebPart in order to check for the pending request. can I pass the value from one web part to another?

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