I have a custom web part that works with project data which it retrieves through the Project Server REST API. It compares two copies of the same project file, so over time, my users are going to be saving monthly "snapshots" of their project file to Project Server. It also saves data to a custom SharePoint list.

I know that the first time you publish a project file to Project Server, you have the option of creating a SharePoint Project site that is linked to the project file.

I also know that if you delete the project file, the linked SharePoint site is deleted.

My concern is that over time, users will want to clean up their old "snapshot" files from previous months that they no longer need, but if they delete the very first "snapshot", it will delete the linked SharePoint site, and thus delete the custom list that has been accumulating data.

My web part is not reliant on the link between the site and the project file, so I have been considering not going through the process of automatically creating sites when project files are published, but instead just manually creating un-linked Team sites for each of the projects, thus mitigating the risk of a user deleting the wrong project file and accidentally deleting their site with their accumulated data.

So my question is - what benefits would users get from having a Project site that is linked to a project file? What added features/functionality would they get that would warrant the risk?

These users currently do not use SharePoint Project templates for anything, and in fact, may not use SharePoint at all. They are used to working on local mpp files in MS Project client on their computers. The move to Project Server is something new for them.

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