Ok, I know I am missing something. What am I doing wrong?

Trying to write a calculated column with multiple IF statements. Here is what I have.

=IF([Status]="OPEN",[Date Opened]+3,"")IF([Status]="REFERRAL",[Date Opened]+5,"")IF([Status]="ONLY",[Date Opened]+10,"")IF([Status]="PENDING",[Date Opened]+30,"")IF([Status]="REOPEN",[Date Opened]+30,"")

As always any assistance is appreciated.

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The formula syntax for Nestd IF is not correct, you need to add the new IF at the previous IF-ELSE as the following:

=IF([Status]="OPEN",[Date Opened]+3,IF([Status]="REFERRAL",[Date Opened]+5,IF([Status]="ONLY",[Date Opened]+10,IF([Status]="PENDING",[Date Opened]+30,IF([Status]="REOPEN",[Date Opened]+30,"")))))

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